Interesting Facts About Venus- The Planet of Love and Beauty

Interesting Facts About Venus- The Planet of Love and Beauty


Let us continue our voyage through the solar system.

Look at that…so beautiful. That planet looks like a golden marble in the sky.

It’s interactive, so wait a few seconds, then rotate, zoom-in and take a look around once it’s loaded. Please refresh if not loaded properly.


Its Venus, the second planet in our solar system. It is also our closest neighbor.

It is so beautiful that our ancient ancestors named it the planet of love and beauty. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about it.

  • Venus was known as Shukra, the God of Love and Beauty, by the ancient Indians. In English, it is named after the ancient Roman goddess of love, Venus. It was also known as the goddess of love by the ancient Greeks and Babylonians.
  • Venus is extremely hot and violent, with volcanoes all around. In fact, with over 1600 volcanoes, it is the planet with the most volcanoes in our solar system.
  • It is the hottest planet in our solar system, with an average temperature of 465 degrees Celsius.
  • The average temperature on Earth’s surface is only 15 degrees Celsius, so you can imagine how hot it is on Venus. Anything that arrives will be cooked immediately. Nothing can survive here…
  • Another specialty of Venus is that it rotates so slowly that a day on Venus lasts longer than a year. Visit my other blog article to learn more about Venus’s unusual feature.
  • Venus also rotates in the opposite direction as most other planets.
  • After the moon, Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky. Our ancestors called it morning star and evening star.
  • Venus is nearly the same size as Earth; however, it has no moons.


The following is a little video about Venus.



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