Big Bang – The Beginning of Time, Matter and Everything

Big Bang – The Beginning of Time, Matter and Everything


Everyone has at least once wondered how and when the universe came into being.

Is it possible to answer a question like this in a straightforward manner?

The Big Bang idea is one of the most widely accepted explanations for the origin of our universe.

Everything around us, from the people to the buildings to the trees to the mountains to the clouds to the planets and stars, was created after the Big Bang.
Before the Big Bang, we immediately wonder what was out there before.

A lonely, small particle was all that existed at the beginning of time according to the Big Bang theory. This particle abruptly exploded, resulting in the first stars and galaxies to appear in the cosmos. This is what scientists previously believed, which is why they dubbed the event “Big Bang.”

In the end, scientists concluded that there had been a long process before the big bang, rather than a spontaneous explosion.

It goes like this:……

– Before 13.8 billion years, there was an ancient particle, which was extremely hot and began to expand.

– The initial matter, i.e. the first atoms, came in to existence only after 400,000 years.

– The first stars and galaxies emerged between 100 and 200 million years after the big bang, after which time the energy continued to spread. The first stars wer extremely hot.


– Nine billion years after the great bang, our Sun and our solar system came into existence.

The cosmos has been expanding ever since the Big Bang, and it continues to do so today. We can still see a lot of distant galaxies in the night sky, but they are travelling away from us.

Using massive machines called as particle accelerators, scientists are currently attempting to replicate the conditions that prevailed immediately following the big bang.



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