What Happens If Our Earth Suddenly Stops Rotating?

Have ever thought about what happens if our earth stops spinning? Then let‘s have a look at an interesting story by the famous science-fiction author H G Wells. In this famous story by H G Wells „The man who could work miracles“, a normal clerk named Fotheringay gets a miraculous gift. Making any wish that he expressed comes true instantly.

One day he thinks of prolonging the night. He orders to stop all the stars in their places…But…..it doesn‘t work! So, his friend suggests stopping the Moon but Fotheringay decides to order the earth to stop rotating so that he doesn‘t harm the Outerspace. He buttons up his Jacket and orders the earth to stop. In the next instant, he was flying through air at a great speed. He wishes to get down safely and comes down without being hurt. He sees animals, trees, cars, and even houses flying away due to a vast wind. After an instant, he sees a great roaring of wind and water-filled earth and sky. He understands that his miracle is the reason for all this and wishes that everything be just as it was before he made his wish.…and also wishes that he loses his dangerously miraculous power.

So what happened? What went wrong?

The Earth’s rotation is fastest at the equator and is about 1000 miles per hour. That is roughly 1600 kilometers per hour. If that rotation suddenly stops, the momentum will send everything flying. Moving water, rocks, and soil will trigger earthquakes, tsunamis…and the still moving atmosphere will wipe out everything. So let us all make a wish! May our mother earth spin forever.



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