My First Learning Folder (Printable)

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Based on my personal experience, I can confidently say that kid’s learning folder is a very effective tool in kids learning trajectory.


Toddler learning binder a treasure box for every home with a pre-schooler.


This Toddler learning folder contains 29 high-quality activities. I started to create this folder for my kid when he was 1.5 years and continued to add activities until he was three. What you get here is the filtered version of it and contains only the most effective exercises, based on many Moms’ experiences.


With a good intention to make reach the learning folder to every pre-schooler and help other responsible parents like you, this product has been priced reasonably.




1. What’s your name?

2. How old are you?

3. How is the weather today?


4. I know colors

5. I know shapes


6. Which fruit is this?

7. Which vegetable is this?


8. Upper-case alphabets

9. Lower-case alphabets

10. I know vowels


11. Match the body parts

12. Match the face parts

13. Match the garments and shoes


14. What farm animals do you Know?

15. Do you know wild animals?

16. Different types of birds

17. Where do Aquatic animals live?

18. What are Amphibians?


19. Let’s learn numbers

20. Let’s count


21. Road transportation

22. Air transportation

23. Water transportation


24. I know all Days of a week

25. I know all Months in a year

26. I know all seasons


27. There are eight planets in our solar system

28. Famous scientists


29. Continents of our World


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