Wormholes Explained – The Magical Stargates


What exactly is a wormhole? do they really exist?


Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to be able to travel to other planets and galaxies in the same way that we go to other cities and countries by automobile or plane?

It will undoubtedly be quite fantastic…

However, even with the fastest spaceship, it will take approximately 40000 years to reach the nearest star with our current technology, according to scientists. Even if we manage to travel at the speed of light, it will still take 4.3 years to reach the star from Earth.

I understand how you’re feeling right now…you’re probably feeling quite disappointed. There is, however, a glimmer of hope. Magical stargates known as Wormholes could be lurking all around us, ready to transport us to other worlds in a matter of minutes.

I’m sure you’re eager to find out more about wormholes and time travel. So, what are we waiting for? Take a deep breath and jump into the theory right away…. Let us use a straightforward approach to simplify this complex theory.

An easy explanation


Take a piece of paper and draw two points at either end of the paper. Assume that these two points represent two galaxies that are far apart. Can you tell me what the shortest path is between them? If you answered with a straight line, you were correct!

But hold on a minute! There’s nothing unusual about the straight-line path that all spacecraft take, is there? Let us now fold the paper over and measure the distance between the two points. Isn’t the distance between the two spots many times shorter now than it was before? This is precisely how a wormhole works. It is space that is folded around a wormhole, similar to the sheet of paper in our example.

Isn’t that interesting? To learn more about wormholes, check out this video.

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