Little Genius – Phonics

A complete package of Interactive playful Activities to teach your kids understand the logic and build their own words using Phonics just in a matter of days. You will be surprised to see how fast kids can learn to read, speak and create their own words! This App solely focuses on recognizing primary alphabets and respective sounds without confusing them with phonic groups with more letters. The advanced version with phonic groups and more complex words for older kids coming soon.

Playful Approach: Absolutely easy and yet very advanced and effective approach to help kids grab and memorize all the Phonic sounds.

Fun and interactive: Each activity contains Sounds as well as a bunch of funny animations to keep kids busy learning.

Designed for kids: Each and every activity is designed keeping kids in mind. No unnecessary animations leading to difficulty focusing, headaches, eye discomfort, blurred vision, dry eyes, and itchy eyes.

Contains following activities

Click’N’Learn : Interactive click-book all Letters with Audio and Funny animations. This activity helps kids to get introduced to the Letter sounds by memorizing each sound by associating it with a real life object.

• Explore’N’Learn: An interactive board to explore all the Letters and Phonics.

• Guess’N’Learn: Kids are challenged to guess how the complete word sounds by showing each time a random 3-letter word including individual letter sounds. Then the Child can check their answers by clicking on the board. Once clicked on the board, the complete word will be spoken by revealing the picture of the Object.

• Drag’N’Learn: Another interactive Letter board but this time the individual letters can be dragged and dropped in to the boxes below to create their own words. All the letter sounds will be spoken once dropped in to the boxes. Drop any number of letters (up to 5 letters) and click on the ‘speak’ button to speak the whole word.