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Chess enhances memory, strategic thinking and even exercises both sides of the brain. Chess also boosts creativity, concentration, and IQ levels. Furthermore, it boosts brainpower and teaches planning and foresight. And here’s the best part: all the advantages we’ve discussed so far? They just happen naturally. Furthermore, playing chess with your children is enjoyable.

Our Special and effective Strategy

As Chess has so many benefits, I decided to teach it to my 4-year-old son. At first, I taught him using an 8*8 board, but I couldn’t explain it because he was too young to grasp it. So, one fine day, I had the idea of why can’t start teaching chess using a 4*4 board, and from that day on, I began to create this brand new ‘Chess Genius.’ There are four different types of tasks. I’ve given them names like egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. At the beginner/egg level, I have started with four pieces and progressively increased the number of pieces to eight at the expert/butterfly level. I devised 12 difficulties for each level, for a total of 48 challenges. and we titled it ‘Chess Genius.’ This is how Chess Genius got its start.

This ‘Chess Genius’ has proven challenges. I’ve been using this since my child was four years old. I’ve shared this with several other parents, and they’ve all found it to be quite beneficial. As a result, I’d like to share my experience to assist other responsible parents like you.

Free chess course

Now we’ve launched a free chess course for children and novices. This course will be taught in a step-by-step way. In this course, we will discuss content areas like 

1. Introduction to Chess Pieces. 

2. How do the Chess Pieces Move? 

3. 48 Challenges – Beginner level challenges, Intermediate level challenges, Advanced level challenges and Expert level challenges 

In subsequent videos, we’ll go through each of these topics in greater depth.

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Preparatory videos

Download the free Printables: Chessboard, Chess piece names, and more

Pawn Challenges

Learn Pawn moves - Complete video

Download all the pawn challenges for free

Rook Challenges

Learn Rook moves - Complete video

Download all the Rook challenges for free

Chess Knight glossyKnight


Learn Knight moves - Complete video



Learn Bishop moves - Complete video

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