How To Build An Electric Motor At Home

Electric motor…. Such an interesting and important device! Have you noticed how many things around us work with electric motors? Fans, DVD players, Washing machines, electric cars and…the list goes on. Can you our ancestors have lived without electric motors?

Okay, would you like to build your own motor at home? Then let’s do it. Believe me it is very easy.

Here are the things you need

-One AA Battery

-A small copper wire. You can get one out of a thick electric cable..ask your mom or dad for help.

-And a round metal magnet. You have to ask your mom or dad to buy a 3 or 4 for you.

That’s all. we are ready to go

  • Attach the magnets to one side of the battery. I prefer to attach them on the positive side.
  • Now twist the copper wire into a shape such that one end is in contact with the battery
  • The other end must slightly touch the magnet

Did your motor start to rotate already? cool..isn’t it?

Now let’s understand the principle

This motor works due to a force called Lorentz force. Whenever a moving charged particle is put in a magnetic field, a force acts on the charged particle. In our motor, as you know the copper wire is connected to one end of the battery. The circuit completes once the copper cable touches the magnets on the other end of the battery. Once the circuit is complete, the charged particles start to flow through the copper wire and the magnet pushes the charged particles. Due to this push, the copper wire starts to rotate.

For a more in-depth demonstration, watch the video below



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