A Long Wait

A Long Wait is lovingly illustrated, with bright yet gentle colors that are sure to delight young readers. The story moves quickly, but without being rushed. There is just enough suspense and danger in this tale to make it interesting without causing undo stress to the reader. This delightful story of the special bond between people and animals is a good choice for naptime or any time, with its kind message of harmony between people and the natural world. 

– Dakota Love (Author of ver forty indie titles, including “The Allies: Family and Friends”, “The Guardian of Freedom”, and “Coyote Stories: Legends of a Manitou.”)


Leo is a small boy who celebrates his birthday by going to the beach with his parents every year. This year’s birthday is extra special because Leo meets his new best friend, a little dolphin named Tupsi. However, unexpected difficulties arise for Leo as he valiantly searches for his missing best friend. And when danger strikes, only the special bond between humans and their animal companions can save the day.

This stunning picture storybook is perfect for children of all ages and is ideal for reading aloud or independently by beginning readers.