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Are you searching for the perfect set of preschool books to help your children learn to read? Then you’ve arrived at the right destination. “Three Letter Stories” is a series of books for young readers that contain only words with a maximum of three letters.

Have you observed that the majority of preschool and early reader books follow the technique of teaching random three-letter words, initial words, and phrases?

Random words and sentences do not instill a love of reading in children. This is why we wanted to give the little early readers a bit more flavor, so we made storybooks with three-letter words. Reading a storybook instead of some random words can offer children more excitement and provide their preschool learning a much-needed boost.

Our goal is to not only provide an immersive reading experience for the children through a delicate storyline and bright illustrations but also to involve them in the process. We want kids to think about and participate in the story.

This is why we’ve included coloring pages and other interactive activities, as well as worksheets where kids can test their memory and reading skills, and a section where they’ll be asked a few questions about themselves in line with the story so they can express their thoughts.

All of our books have been created with the goal of being the best preschool or beginning readers books available.

Why spend time teaching your children only phonics and first words when they can read entire books?


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